A downloadable asset pack

These 32, 16x16 pixel art character sprites are perfect for any fantasy game, covering the full range of tropes from wizards to slimes, and are accompanied by 4 unique tile sets so that you can create all manner of scenarios for your 2D platformer game!

Each character includes:

  • Idle (4 frames)
  • Walk (4 frames)
  • Jump/Fall (2 frames)
  • Hurt (1 frame)
  • Dead (1 frame)
  • Attack (4 frames)

Each character is suited to any number of versatile situations!

The characters included in this pack are:

For free (6 characters):

  • Knights (Dark Armour, Purple Armour, White Armour variants)
  • Slime
  • Wizards (White, Black variants)

+ Plains tileset!

For $1 (7 more characters):

  • Rogues (White, Black, Male, Female variants)
  • Witches (White, Black variants)
  • Rat

+ Sewer tileset!
+ Everything above!

For $2 (8 more characters):

  • Villagers (White, Black, Male, Female variants)
  • Noble (White, Black, Male, Female variants)

+ Castle tileset!
+ Everything above!

For $3 (11 more characters):

  • Dwarf (White, Black, Male, Female variants)
  • Orc
  • Skeleton
  • Demon
  • Elf (White, Black, Male, Female variants)

+ Forest tileset!
+ Everything above!

If you want to ensure the quality of these characters before you buy them, or aren't interested in the characters in the higher tiers, then you can get some of them for free, as listed above!

These assets may not be redistributed by any individual or entity. They may be used in personal and commercial transformative works, but not resold or given away on their own without modification. Thank you.


Fantasy Pack Free Tier.zip 53 kB
Fantasy Pack $1 Tier.zip 66 kB
Fantasy Pack $2 Tier.zip 79 kB
Fantasy Pack $3 Tier.zip 102 kB


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Wuaaaaa :0, hermosoo


Really impressed with you work, haven't had a chance to download it as I am at work but will certainly be checking this out.

Thanks so much for the kind words! I hope it's useful when you do get to downloading it!