Hello everybody!

I'm Morgan Brown, the developer of Spaceship 2217, and if you're here then you're probably interested in the game, and want to know more. Well here you go:

The original idea for Spaceship 2217 came from me seeing the theme of the Remake Jam - a game jam where developers are challenged to remake their first game, perhaps implementing new code or design tricks that they have discovered since then. The first game I made was a little thing my Dad and I put together in Blitz3D about a cone shooting down spheres to score points; I believe I made it when I was 10 years old, and you can still download and play it today!

Since then I've learned a lot more about game design, and decided to go back and change a lot of things. The game is much prettier, there is actual sound, but apart from those, I have put a lot of emphasis on changing the core design to be focused around a single mechanic: Ready - Set - Shoot. The player can now charge up a shot and release it, racking up a combo by hitting consecutive enemies, before waiting for a cool down. Levels are built around this, but the game also features an endless mode so that players can continue to enjoy that core gameplay loop. It's insanely satisfying to line up and then blow away half a dozen enemies with a single shot!

Much of that core gameplay is already implemented, as are many other mechanics branching off of it - now it is a case of getting more levels to explore those mechanics, and cut scenes and dialogue to tie it all together!

Spaceship 2217 will be out later this year, but for now you can follow it's progress on this devlog, as I discuss mechanics, ideas, tools, and more!

Thank you for reading!

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