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The Extended Project's development is on hold until further notice. Thank you for your interest in the game though! Consider following me on itch.io or checking out some of my other games if you'd like to support me.

The Extended Project is a sci-fi platformer about managing your suit energy in the heat of battle!

After your research facility is attacked and you are wounded, you only manage to escape by using the experimental Axiom Suit. You find yourself on the run from a powerful alien threat across the galaxy, and must use the unique capabilities of the Axiom Suit to stay alive.

 Axiom Suit Diagram

This is a breakdown of the Axiom Suit's key parts:

  1. The Pugnus - the weapon of the Axiom Suit can be charged and fired to unleash devastating damage to your foes.
  2. The Oculus - the Axiom Suit's visor let's you see your health and energy, as well as that of your enemies.
  3. The Pinnae - these rocket boots allow you to ascend high in the air to traverse the farthest reaches of the universe with ease.
  4. The Animus - the battery of the suit recharges over time, and is used to power the Pugnus, Pinae, and Pellis, your shield.

You will be relying on these as well as the suit's on board AI, as you will come to know it, Janet, to survive the onslaught of cosmic forces as you flee across the galaxy.

The current release window is is March 2018, and it will cost about $4.99. If you have unanswered questions, please check this FAQ: https://morgangb.itch.io/the-extended-project/devlog/21155/the-extended-project-...

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