A downloadable asset pack

These 20 tiny characters are cute, 8x8 pixel art sprites, suitable for 2D platformer games, or anything you like!

Each character has the following animations:

  • Idle (4 frames)
  • Walk (4 frames)
  • Jump/Fall (2 frames)
  • Hurt (1 frame)
  • Dead (1 frame)

These animations, while simple, allow the characters the basic versatility needed for 2D platformer games.

The School Pack features:

  • Teachers (White/Black/Male/Female variants)
  • Jocks (White/Black variants)
  • Popular girls (White/Black variants)
  • Emos (White/Black/Male/Female variants)
  • Greasers (White/Black/Male/Female variants)
  • Nerds (White/Black/Male/Female variants)

With all these, you can easily create a consistent theme, especially by utilizing the full spectrum of diverse characters!

Get $1 for 20 characters - with 12 frames of animation each!


Tiny Platformer Characters - School Pack.zip 131 kB


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